·The charm of the stage and the immediacy of contemporary languages·

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INternational festival of short plays


At its 7th edition, Teatri Riflessi. International Short Play Festival is a competition for professional and emerging artists and companies. Participants are asked to submit a short play, no matter the art language used: drama, poetry, dance. 

Since its first edition in 2009, the festival has been promoting the short play format, encouraging a discussion on dramaturgy and enhancing the immediacy of contemporary art languages.

The project also stimulates a reflection on the landscape, connecting the stage to the representation of the artistic, cultural and social territory in unconventional spaces.

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The common thread of all the activities and events of the festival is the image of a shrub of broom. Genisteae is a genus of flowering plants endemic to Mount Etna and capable of growing even on the most difficult terrains. As a pioneer species, it colonises barren environments and makes it easy for other plants to root. 

This image of rebirth is a token for the support needed to sustain the performing arts in the territory and the renewed attention the territory deserves to contribute to the growth of the communities and their identities. 

The gentle nature of the plant, and the artisanal world it represents, inspires a reflection on cultural inclusion to overcome gender and social gaps.




With an open call for submissions, the artistic committee of the festival will select from 10 to 16 short plays, less than 20 minutes long. Selected participants will perform as semifinalists on Thursday, 14, and Friday, 15 July 2022. The announced finalists will then perform again on Saturday, 16 July. Five Boards of experts from the performing arts industry will evaluate the short plays, proclaiming the Best Direction, Best Interpretation, Best Original Script in Italian, Best Original Script in a Foreign Language, and the Best Dance Dramaturgy.

The Technical, Press, and Youth Juries will contribute to determining the Best Short Play ⁠– Teatri Riflessi 7. 

All awards are issued thanks to the support of Di Bella Costruzioni.

In addition, the members of Teatri Riflessi’s network will be at the festival as jurors or receive the materials and projects of the participants. If deemed appropriate, each member can host one or more participants within their theatres or festivals and offer art residencies, tutoring programmes, or incentives.


Teatri Riflessi wants to enhance the short play format in itself: neither as a reduction of a longer work nor as a starting point for a full-evening adaptation. The strength of a short play lies with the artistic immediacy and urgency it conveys.

The framework of the competition connects, in a way, the ancient Greek theatre—devised as an outdoor competition for a vast audience—to the most provocative tendencies in happenings and performance art, which hinge upon the innate desire for participation of the beholder.

At the same time, the short play format provokes a reflection on the possibilities of its distribution, still uncommon in Italy.

Therefore, the festival wants to foster best practices to encourage the diffusion of short performances across Italy and abroad. The aim is to contribute to the development of new models of distribution and artistic programming, also in response to the tragic effects of the pandemic on the sector. 


The seventeen short plays coming from Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the US.


Talks with artists, poets, drammaturgs and writers, curated by Grazia Calanna. 


Round tables in the afternoon guided by the dramaturg Lina Maria Ugolini. A path to share, discover, and discuss.


Workshops of urban theatre and contemporary dance.


Teatri Riflessi‘s metaphorical foyer interacts with the public through entertainment, installations, round tables, exhibitions, and arts and craftsmanship stalls: a place where art, music and dance melt together with traditional Sicilian flavours.

Teatri Riflessi is organised by IterCulture with the support of  Di Bella Costruzioni s.r.l., in collaboration with the Municipality of Zafferana Etnea, the patronage of the CENDIC – National Centre of Contemporary Dramaturgy, and the University of Messina.

Teatri Riflessi 7 opens ETNA in Scena 2022 by the Municipality of Zafferana Etnea (CT).

All prizes are realised by Ni.Vi. ceramiche and the artist Mary Imbiscuso and made possible thanks to the support of Di Bella Costruzioni srl.


Planning and Direction
Dario D’Agata (artistic director) and Valerio Verzin (executive director).

Artistic Commission 
Dario D’Agata, Alessandra Li Greci, Orazio Morace, Ilenia Romano, Valerio Santi, Valentina Sineri, Lina Maria Ugolini, Valerio Verzin.

Public Relations
Laura Del Campo.

IterCulture (Dario D’Agata, Alessandra Li Greci, Orazio Morace, Valerio Verzin).


International Short Plays Competition

Direction: Roberta Gambino.

Technical direction: Nino Manuli and Valerio Santi.

Stage assistant: Alberto Amato.

Jurors and guests: Laura del Campo.

Young jury and press jury: Gabriella Tomarchio and Merylaura Mondello.

Host: Assya D’Ascoli.

Cultural Activities

Organisation and moderation – TestiRiflessiGrazia Calanna.

Organisation and moderation – TRForumLina Maria Ugolini.

Workshops: Valentina Sapienza.

Extra Activities

Logistics and HR: Cristiano Guagliardo.

Organisation: Valentina Sapienza.

IterCulture Booth: Valeria Buta (reception) and Claudia Regio (StuzzicaMente).

Exhibitors StuzzicaMente: Anna Bonaccorsi.

Support TR:  Orazio Morace, Agata Prastani, Anna Bonaccorsi, Christian Scerri and Simona Trovato.

Setting-up and reception: Alberto Amato, Rosy Arcolia, Anna Caruso, Giordano Ferrera, Rosmery Nicotra, Gabriella Tomarchio, Gabriella Tomarchio and  Simona Trovato.

Marketing and Communication

Direction: Valerio Verzin.

Website and newsletter:  Ilaria Mirenna.

Press relations: Merylaura Mondello and Cristina Cocuzza.

Marketing: Anna Bonaccorsi, Dario D’Agata,  Cristiano Guagliardo and Valentina Sapienza.

Social media, articles, catalogue and translation: Laura Del Campo,  Emanuela Di Grigoli, Valerio Campione, Michele Manitta, Miriam Italia, Costanza Patanè, Giordano Ferrara and Susanna Salamone.

Dancer in “GENISTEAE”: Silvia Oteri.

Illustrations: Sofia Rana.

Watercolours: Francesca Sabatini.

We want to thank Chiara De Caroli and Andrea Galatà for Teatri Riflessi 7 Live.

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