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Fora Intra

Bodies to narrate the landscape

Dance workshop for amateurs and specialists over two days.

edited by Giorgia Di Giovanni, choreographer and dance therapist.

Original music by  Pierfrancesco Mucari.

Friday 15 July | 17:00–18:45|  Zafferana Etnea Municipal Park
Saturday 16 July | 16:30–18:15|  Zafferana Etnea Municipal Park

Price: €10 for one meeting, €25 for two meetings

The workshop will start with a minimum of  6 participants

Registration by 07/07/2022

Information and bookings:

Fora Intra was born from an image of an old Sicilian woman knitting, foraintraintra e fora, out and in, in and out.

With this rhythm, it tells the story of a place, of a memory.

Fora Intra is the project of a body permeated by a place and its genius loci, a body that is contacted and pierced in its interiority.

The artist’s site-specific research will move the participants, where landscapes, architecture and views will guide the movement and intentions of the gesture.

Urban Theatre Workshop

Teatro Ebasko is organising a workshop on open-air theatre practices from 14 to 16 July 2022.
The Workshop lasts 10 hours in total and consists of  two phases.
It aims at developing, together with the participants, basic notions on urban theatre and the outdoor performance practices.

Organised by Simone Bevilacqua and Marzia D’Angeli

1° Phase | 14 July | h 10:00–13:00 | Viagrande Studios, Viagrande

Theatre work aimed at creating a common ground for collective experimentation and creation.

Exercises of:

– group building (exercises to get to know each other and create harmony)
– work on physical actions
– voice and singing
– work on choir and collective scores 
– memory
– decomposition and repetition
– theatrical body
– creative composition
– rhythm

2° Phase | 15 and 16 July | h 10:00 – 13:00 | Zafferana Etnea Municipal Park

Urban Theatre: the work of the actor and the director in open contexts.

Main objectives:

– Transferring outside the theatrical methods experimented in the theatre.
Learn how the body of the actor/actress, the dramaturgy and the scenic composition must be transformed for a performance to work outdoors
– Experimenting the creation through themes related to the play Circe (exile, unrequited love, nature and social geography)

Thursday 14 July | Viagrande Studios, Viagrande | 10:00–13:00
Friday 15 and Saturday 16 |  Zafferana Etnea Municipal Park | 10:00–13:30

Price: €60 to be paid by bank transfer (payable to: Teatro Ebasko | IBAN: IT94E0707202401000000711478 | Purpose of the transfer: registration fee for the theatre training workshop) no later than 01/07/2022

Information and bookings:


Teatro Ebasko will provide stilts to give participants the opportunity to experience some elements.

Beginners will be supervised individually by a supervisor.
Shoes are fitted to the stilts and Teatro Ebasko has available  these sizes: 37, 38/39, 43 and the measure of the stilts is 1 metre or 70 cm.

Wrist, knee and elbow protectors, provided by Teatro Ebasko, are required.


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