Teatri Riflessi


If deemed appropriate, the members of Teatri Riflessi’s network can: 

  • host one or more participants within their season;
  • offer a residency period;
  • offer tutoring programmes with professionals and experts in the sector;
  • offer incentives.

Moreover, the network also includes associations, institutions and organisations willing to encourage a discussion on emerging creativity and contemporary languages. They can contribute to gathering the needs, desires, and objectives of dramaturgy, especially concerning the landscape, the territory, and the communities. They are invited to contribute to all the activities of Teatri Riflessi.

Since 2022, the following partners have also joined the network:

Centro Universitario Teatrale (CT);
Comune di Petralia Sottana (PA);
La Piccionaia | Centro di Produzione Teatrale (VI);
JB- Arquitectura Paisagista (Vila Real, PT); 
Rete delle Fattorie Sociali Sicilia;
Teatro Godot (RG);
Trame di Quartiere (CT);
Zō Centro Culture Contemporanee (CT).

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