Festival internazionale di corti teatrali

International Short Performance Festival

The charm of the stage and the immediacy of contemporary languages

Il fascino del palcoscenico e la brevità dei linguaggi contemporanei


Teatri Riflessi is a project that promotes the performing arts, stimulating the development of a dramaturgy capable of capturing the territory‘s needs, hopes, and desires. The ‘dramaturgy of landscape’ hinges on comparing different territories and identities and perceiving culture as the expression and materialisation of diverse historical, cultural, and social processes.
In this vision, artworks are the tokens of the diverse urges originating from the landscape.

Teatri Riflessi wants to lift the curtain on the flowering of such artistic urges, promoting the exchange of ideas, practices, and models and offering professional and emerging artists an unusual stage to connect tradition and innovation.


Sicily, Italy

Teatri Riflessi 9


Teatri Riflessi, the first event in Italy focused on short theatre and dance pieces, aims at increasing theatrical consumption of contemporary works thanks to:

  1. an innovative Festival for contemporary art languages; 
  2. the involvement of a large audience;
  3. audience development and activities addressed to the new generations.


The project addresses cultural operators, performing arts students, and emerging artists.
The Call ‘TRLab – dramaturgy for the landscape‘ selects young artists willing to realise new original creations. Participants can benefit from tutorships and the support of a dedicated team of producers, managers and coordinators. The network of Teatri Riflessi provides training, feedback, and mobility. The project also trains professionals in cultural management, events planning, communication, cultural marketing, fundraising, dramaturgy, and staging.


TRScuole is a short play competition for secondary schools that includes workshops and laboratories whose aim is to address topics such as drama criticism, cultural consumption, and career opportunities in the performing arts industry.

The competition is also open to short plays in foreign languages, encouraging a reflection on interculturalism and the territories. 

At its 9th edition, Teatri Riflessi. International Short Performance Festival is a competition for short plays, no matter the art language: theatre, poetry, or dance. Since its first edition in 2009, the festival has been promoting the immediacy of contemporary aesthetics and encouraging a discussion on dramaturgy.

Combining culture and entertainment, the festival attracts a vast heterogeneous audience, especially non-theatregoers.


  • fostering the diffusion and distribution of emerging artists;
  • promoting discussions and exchange between theatres, festivals, and networks in Italy and abroad;
  • stimulating the turnover of artists and cultural managers;
  • connecting Sicily to the national and international panorama.

Teatri Riflessi has received the EFFE Label, Europe’s quality stamp for remarkable arts festivals showing their engagement in the field of the arts, community involvement and international openness.
EFFE is an initiative of the European Association of Festivals supported by the European Commission and Parliament.

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