·Contemporary tastings to whet the appetite for culture·


IterCulture is a non-profit organisation that offers services such as:

· organisation, production, and management of cultural projects and performances;

· communication, promotion, and distribution of cultural activities and events;

· translations and localisation;

· training for cultural operators.


·Core Event·

Teatri Riflessi

international festival of short plays

An open event, free and flexible, that involves the participation of international companies and artists;

A large event that promotes the performing arts and contemporary languages;

A festival that connects art, culture, and entertainment, offering heterogeneous works to the audience.

‘The charm of the stage and the immediacy of contemporary languages’

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SINCE 2009

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Hinging on cooperation and teamwork, we hope to contribute to the territory’s enhancement, carrying tradition into the present and offering hints and samples to whet the appetite for culture.

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