PRO|D|ES Caravan

Installations and film projections of video dance

18-21 July, starting from 4:30 p.m. | Public Park in Zafferana Etnea

In collaboration with ZED Festival, in the framework of PRO|D|ES Caravan.
PRO|D|ES Caravan is part of the project PRO|D|ES – Promozione Digitale Estesa della Danza, created in collaboration with, COORPI, and Compagnia della Quarta, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture. 

VR Dance Corner

From ZED’s archive of 360-degree VR dance films, a special selection of three films exploring the natural elements and allowing the viewer to experience dance as never before.

Since 202, the ZED Festival has been collecting and displaying the best international dance film productions devised for VR headsets.

Films selected by ZED FESTIVAL (Bologna) in collaboration with COORPI (Turin) and CRO.ME – Cronaca e Memoria dello Spettacolo (Milan) in the framework of PRO|D|ES Danza – Promozione Digitale Danza Estesa.


Ed Talavera, Konstantia Kontaxis, Dennis Scholl, Rosie Herrera
USA, 2022, length: 8’13”

The city of Miami is one of the most vulnerable coastal cities in the world. Located practically at sea level, Miami has been called the “epicentre” for problems caused by rising sea levels. Storm surges, floods, and hurricanes are long-term stresses that amplify existing gentrification problems in this urban environment. The waters surrounding the city have risen 15 centimetres in the last 25 years—one of the fastest rates globally—and floods have increased 400% since 2006. Yet, Miami has been experiencing an annual growth in population of 0.95% and, since 2020, of almost 3%.

5 Stages of Drowning is a virtual reality experience exploring climate change and Miami’s climate gap through dance. Designed and choreographed on location in Little Haiti, East Little Havana/ Miami River and Virginia Key, 5 STAGES OF DROWNING juxtaposes movement, performance, and climate change in a cohesive narrative that prompts audiences to question their relationship with the environment.

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Production and direction: Ed Talavera, Konstantia Kontaxis, Dennis Scholl, Rosie Herrera 
Choreography: Rosie Herrera 
Photography: Ed Talavera
Editing: Konstantia Kontaxis 
Dancers: Kerine Jean Pierre, Katie Stirman, Britney Tokumoto, Rayne Raney, Loren Davidson, Liony Garcia, Gerardo Pillati, Luciano Cortes, Lauren Gaspard, Melissa Verdecia, Lyvan Verdecia, Liam Verdecia


María Ganzaráin Pina, Yeinner Chicas, José Inerzia, Javier Estella, José Manuel Fandos
Spain, 2022, length: 5’00’’

Materia combines contemporary dance and cinematography in a stereoscopic landscape to capture the four elements. The resulting multi-sensorial experience creates a poem that intertwines sounds, gestures, and symbols. 

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Choreography and performers: María Ganzaráin Pina, Yeinner Chicas
Shooting, music, and post-production: José Inerzia
Production: Javier Estella
Making of: José Manuel Fandos


Nancy Lee, Emmalena Fredriksson
Canada, 2019, length: 4’23’’

Tidal Traces is a 360-degree VR dance work that places viewers at the centre of the performance. In the work, three characters explore a new and uncertain world, moving between tranquillity and restlessness, beauty and danger. Trapped in this tension, the spectator becomes the fourth character, directly composing the dance through their gaze.

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Direction: Nancy Lee
Choreography: Emmalena Fredriksson
Dancers: Zahra Shahab, Rianne Svelnis, Lexi Vajda
Technical direction: Olivier Leroux
Editor: Nancy Lee
Sound Designer: Kiran Bhumber
Music: “Submergence” composed by Kiran Bhumber
Production: the National Film Board of Canada
Production: Nicholas Klassen, Robert McLaughlin
Creative Technologist: Vincent McCurley
Executive production: Robert McLaughlin
Project Manager: Laura Mitchell
Production coordination: Jasmine Pullukatt
Administration: Carla Jones


A selection of dance films from the ONE MINUTE 

Part of PRO|D|ES Danza – Promozione Digitale Danza Estesa, curated by COORPI, CRO.ME, Compagnia della Quarta, supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

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