TESTIRIFLESSI for young eyes

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Storie della Terra laggiù

6-10 y.o.

by Connie Mannella
Illustrations by Daniela Abatematteo

Algra, 2021

The inspiration for these two stories comes from the uniqueness of the creatures that populate Australia, “The land down under”. Drawn freely from Aboriginal genesis, these stories fantasize about the unusual appearance of echidna and baobab, highlighting the acceptance of diversity, the importance of sharing, and change as a resource.


Quello che resta

starting from 10 y.o.

by Martina Asero
Illustrations by Letizia Vidiama Carugati

Nous, 2022

A boy and a girl discovering an oniric and mysterious world and a girl in a yellow costume struck in a pool of still water: action and lack of action reveal the path that leads to knowing yourself and the world. In the background is the healing power of literature. This story of discovery, like any bildungsroman, shows it is possible to walk through an imaginary world and plunge into the abyss of our own minds to escape an inescapable sadness and arrive at a new awareness of what remains, from which life can begin anew.


The Universe in a Verse

poetry workshop

starting from 6 y.o.

with Grazia Calanna

The class intervals two theoretical moments according to the cccc formula (clarity, communication, consciousness, and cognition) and two moments of writing (poetry is like…/I’ll write you a poem).

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