Il merluzzo surgelato

by Sara Baldassarre and Arianna Di Stefano
Bussero (MI) – Rome, Italy
20 minutes

Grandma, leaving the house, asked her daughter, who was also my mum, “Have I closed the door?” and mum, who was also her daughter, replied, “Yes, mum. You’ve already asked me a thousand times!”. And grandma exclaimed: “Damn old age! Old age is a bitch!”


Sara Baldassarre_Drammaturga e interprete_FOTO-min

Sara Baldassarre



Arianna Di Stefano

Written and performed by Sara Baldassarre

Directed by Arianna Di Stefano

Choreographed by Maria Irene Minelli

Supported by the Triangolo Scaleno Teatro Association and by Teatri di Vetro 15

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