Following Circe

by Teatro Ebasko
Roma, Italy
20 minutes

Circe is a controversial character: woman, enchantress, nymph, goddess, lover, all titles that do not fully represent her. This legendary creature stands for those who are excluded, marginalized, and exiled.’


simone bevilaqua

Simone Bevilacqua


marzia d'angeli

Marzia D'Angelo

by Simone Bevilacqua 

with Marzia D’Angeli

Homer Voice by Mario Barzaghi

Music and recordings by Teatro Ebasko, Domenico Pizzulo

Lighting design by Stefano Cane

Scenography by Giano MF srl

Costumes and objects by CreArte Association and Teatro Ebasko

Production by Teatro Ebasko aps [2021]

Co-Production by Emilia-Romagna Region, Municipality of Bologna, Municipality of Melissa.

Directing and dramaturgy consultancy by Mario Barzaghi

Directed by Simone Bevilacqua

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